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Mosquito Squad has the only effective solution for gnats in your yard.

Do you have a problem with gnats? Do you find yourself in your backyard sometimes, and suddenly a cloud of them surrounds you, and next thing you know you’re doing that arm-flailing thing to try to get them out of your way?

What a nuisance.

It’s hard to enjoy your yard when you’re dealing with any kind of pests — whether they be mosquitoes, ticks, or even gnats. But if gnats are a big problem on your property, unfortunately a traditional mosquito barrier treatment won’t work for them.

Why? Because of the very nature of gnats. They’re migratory bugs who fly in swarms and for much further distances than mosquitoes, therefore they don’t need to land and rest as often. A barrier spray will knock down any bugs on contact and then coat everything, including foliage, it’s sprayed on or near. Male mosquitoes feed off plants, and female mosquitoes need to land on foliage often to rest, therefore they’re easily eliminated by our special barrier treatment formula.

But gnats are different. They don’t need to land very often, and their lifespan is only about seven days. Meaning that in that one week they’re alive, they’re making plenty more gnats, so our every-three-week barrier treatment just won’t work. Plus, because they’re tricky little bugs, they’ll fly out of your yard while we’re administering our treatment, and when we’re done, they’ll just fly right back in and bother you. Yes, gnats are jerks like that.

So what’s the best way of controlling them?

With one of our automatic misting systems. Actually, it’s the only way of controlling them, for the reasons stated above.

If another pest control company tells you that a traditional barrier treatment is enough to eliminate a gnat problem, it’s simply not true.

An automatic misting system is programmed to emit a mist of our formula at designated intervals for about 30 seconds, or at your command with the included remote control and app. So, if you’re out in the yard and suddenly a cloud of gnats decides to inane your atmosphere, just trigger the mist and they’re immediately knocked down. The automatic programming makes sure these little buggers are controlled in a systematic fashion, every single day.

If you have a gnat problem, it’s time to stop flailing your arms around every time they drive you crazy and just call Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois at 217-919-9292 to discuss an automatic misting system. You deserve to enjoy your yard, we’ll help you take it back!

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