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Those swarms of teeny-tiny bugs are some of the most frustrating for homeowners to deal with. Their life cycle is short, and they’re constantly mating. Those clouds of gnats? They’re making more gnats. They seem to have a “hive mind” and know when to bring their swarm to bother you, when to swarm elsewhere for a minute or two, and of course, when to come right back and bother you again. Many outdoor pest control companies will tell you that they can eliminate your gnat problem with a single treatment, but here at Mosquito Squad, we know better than that. Learn more about our gnat control solution.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are a treacherous pest that will destroy just about every type of vegetation in your yard — everywhere from your vegetable garden to your flowers, and even your lawn. If you’ve got dry patches in your yard, Japanese beetle grubs have likely fed off the roots of your grass. Mosquito Squad does treat for Japanese beetles with our advanced pest control treatment. Japanese beetle control may require more frequent treatments, and/or we may need to add an additional product to our formula; every situation is unique.

Mosquito Squad also provides advanced treatment for a number of other insects; each treatment is contingent on your individual situation. Please call us at 217-919-9292 for a free consultation and our customer service staff will be able to help assess your issue and determine the best treatment protocol for your problem. We look forward to helping you take back your yard!

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