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Greater Decatur IL mosquito control and tick control

Summers in Central Illinois are made for making memories. Bonfires, barbecues, and simply hanging out in your backyard shouldn’t have to be interrupted by the annoying buzzing and itchy bites from mosquitoes. But more often than not, they are. Sometimes, it’s so bad that they chase you back into the house. The bites and the buzzing are bad enough, but recently the Centers for Disease Control released a report stating that diseases from mosquitoes and ticks have more than tripled since 2004. That’s pretty frightening to think about, but the worst part about it is that the report blatantly said that about 80% of vector control organizations need improvement in at least one or more of five core competencies, such as testing for pesticide resistance or even having an action plan to kill mosquitoes and ticks at every life stage.

Dr. Lyle Peterson, one of the authors of the CDC report, stated to CNBC: “Our nation is not fully prepared to deal with this new onslaught of vector-borne diseases. We need better tools to control them and we need to strengthen health departments and vector-control organizations to deal with them as well.”

One of those vector-control organizations includes the Macon Mosquito Abatement District (MMAD), which is responsible for Greater Decatur IL mosquito control. While well-intentioned, the MMAD is more focused on doing larval control in swamps and other large mosquito breeding areas, and they do a lot of surveillance in that they monitor whether or not diseases are being carried by mosquitoes in the area. But they don’t actually protect you on your private property. The mosquitoes you need to worry about biting you are the ones that are born in and around your own place of residence.

Simply put — relying on a municipal program like MMAD is not going to protect you, your family, and friends from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, nor will a program like that help you enjoy your own backyard. Mosquito Squad’s main focus is protecting people on their own properties, not public areas. That’s why we’re here. Our barrier treatment is guaranteed to eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property for up to three weeks.

How our Decatur IL mosquito control works

You may be thinking, “What is this, some kind of sorcery? How can Mosquito Squad guarantee that kind of effectiveness for that long?” Well, it’s not exactly “sorcery,” but science and expert methodology. When we first arrive at your house, we first eliminate and treat any standing water and other mosquito-breeding sites with larvicide similar to what MMAD uses, but it automatically eliminates any larvae and stops eggs from ever hatching in mosquito-breeding sites on your own property. Then, we “get down to business,” walking around your yard and distributing our specially-formulated, EPA-registered barrier treatment spray.

There’s a method to the order in which we apply the treatment, essentially working from the perimeter of your yard inward, but don’t worry — we avoid flowers and other things that bees like to pollinate. You may even think we look like Ghostbusters, and that’s OK — all of our technicians are highly-trained and licensed with the state of Illinois, and we treat safety as a priority. Assuming you’ve got an average-sized yard, it generally takes about 20 minutes to do a thorough application of our treatment, and we cover everything in your yard (aside from the aforementioned bee-friendly plants) from trees, bushes, leaves, woodpiles, lawn ornaments, even your deck and below it.

Our barrier treatment will take about 30 minutes to dry, and after that you’re free to enjoy your yard again. But after it’s dry is where the “magic” happens. It’s not magic or sorcery or anything, though, it’s science. The barrier treatment spray we use for your Decatur IL mosquito control is micro encapsulated which is how it’s able to keep working. It adheres to everything it was sprayed on, and forms a thin “barrier” or “fence” to combat mosquitoes. Because of its micro encapsulation, it’s able to slowly release its active ingredients over time. Don’t worry, it’s odorless and colorless, so you won’t even notice it’s there. But you’ll know it’s working when you don’t notice any mosquitoes! Any time a mosquito even lands on anything in your yard, it’s eliminated shortly afterward. And yes, our treatment really does eliminate nearly 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard and rally does last for 21 days at a time.

For continuous protection, we offer seasonal plans so that you’ll have worry-free, uninterrupted summers at home outside. We know it’s easy to forget when we’re coming, so we’ll always call a day in advance and remind you, but you don’t even need to be home. We’ll leave a confirmation of service on your door when we leave.

We’ll take care of your Greater Decatur tick control, too

As mentioned earlier, mosquito- and tick-borne diseases have more than tripled since 2004. You’re likely aware of Lyme disease, but there are other tick-borne diseases to worry about. Ticks also transmit illnesses like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Babesiosis, two diseases which are arguably worse than Lyme and on the rise in Illinois.

The bottom line is this: Ticks are everywhere, and they can cause a lot of damage to a person or their loved ones if the wrong one takes a bite.

While we can’t stop ticks from hitching a ride on you or your loved ones while you’re out in the woods, we can definitely make your feel safer in your own yard. Our traditional barrier treatment solution that we use to eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard is equally effective on the tick population in your yard. As an extra measure, Mosquito Squad also implements tick tubes, which are small biodegradable tubes stuffed with permethrin-treated cotton. We place these strategically around your yard to entice mice, which are usually the source of the blood meal for ticks in their nymph stage. Mice love to cozy up their burrows with this cotton, and the permethrin rubs off on their fur. When a tick tries to make a meal out of the mouse, it is shortly eliminated. With this extra step in our Decatur IL tick control, Mosquito Squad can stops the life cycle of ticks and they don’t come anywhere near you or your family.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad firmly stands behind all of our products and services, but if you’re not happy for any reason at all, let us know. We’ll either re-treat your property or give you your money back — no questions asked.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois today to for the most effective Decatur IL mosquito control and Decatur IL tick control you’ll find. We want to make sure that everyone in Decatur is protected and can enjoy their own yards all throughout the season, so give us a call at 217-919-9292 or drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. We look forward to helping you take back your yard!

Don’t let the bugs crash your bash — call us for special event service

Are you planning someone’s “big day” this year? Throwing a graduation party, or maybe having a family reunion? No matter what the outdoor occasion, you don’t want your guests leaving early or otherwise bothered by the bugs. Call Mosquito Squad and request a special event spray treatment.

We’ll visit the site of the party (it doesn’t have to be your house) a day or two in advance and treat the entire area with our traditional barrier spray. Depending on the size of the area, it usually takes us only about 20 minutes to apply, and it dries in 30 minutes, making it easy to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other party prep. You’ll rest easy knowing that your guests won’t be on the mosquito menu!

Prefer to go the all-natural route?

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are registered with the EPA, but we know there are some people who feel more comfortable going as “green” as possible. That’s why we also developed an all-natural barrier treatment solution, based on essential oils.

It’s not an eliminator like our traditional formula, it’s a repellant that confuses mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs and essentially “chases” them out of your yard. Because of this, it’s not quite as effective as the traditional treatment, but it comes close — most customers notice a reduction in yard pests around 80%. Also a time-released solution, we recommend reapplication every two weeks instead of three, because its botanical makeup breaks down slightly faster.

For the heaviest-hitting Decatur IL mosquito and tick control, consider a misting system

Do you live in a particularly woodsy area? Maybe you’ve got waterfront property or a barn? Maybe you just want even more Decatur IL mosquito and tick control. In these cases, we highly recommend one of our automatic misting systems. At programmed intervals, the system will release a mist of our barrier treatment solution for about 30 seconds.

You also have the power to trigger the mist at your own discretion with the included remote control and app. These systems are easy for our technicians to install, and we make sure to make the misters blend in and be as camouflaged as possible. Best of all — Mosquito Squad takes care of all the refills and maintenance for you, including winterization and spring setup. It’s truly a “set it and forget it” solution!

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