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Bloomington-Normal mosquito control and tick control (McLean County)

Imagine it’s a nice, warm summer day and you’re out on your deck. Burgers are on the grill, kids are playing in the backyard, you’re enjoying a cool glass of lemonade and the company of family and friends. Things are going great, but as the sun starts to set, you’re finding everyone’s swatting mosquitoes more and more. You finally give up and go inside. The mosquitoes won again.

Chances are, this scenario sounds familiar, and you’ve probably been there before. It’s no fun not being able to enjoy your own outdoor oasis, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois can help you with your Bloomington IL mosquito control and Normal IL mosquito control.

Aside from being annoying bugs that cause itchy bites, mosquitoes carry some serious diseases that nobody should need to worry about. West Nile virus is the most well-known, and in 2017, it was detected in McLean County.. Mosquitoes are literally considered the most dangerous animals in the world, and the CDC recently released a report saying between 2004 and 2016, diseases transmitted by insects and ticks have more than tripled.

That’s pretty scary to think about. But Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois is here to help and protect you. Our traditional barrier spray is the most effective Bloomington-Normal IL mosquito control you’ll find, with up to 90% effectiveness that continues to work for three weeks after application.

Bloomington-Normal IL mosquito control treatment that lasts

Our highly-trained technicians will come out to your property and first treat any standing water pools and any other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide. This eliminates any existing larvae and prevents future ones. Then we treat the perimeter of your yard with our odorless barrier spray, working our way inward. We’re careful to avoid flowers and other bee-friendly plants, but we definitely cover all other surfaces, including foliage, bushes, trees, and the undersides of leaves. We also treat other surfaces where they like to hide, such as woodpiles, under decks and on porches, patios, etc.

Our EPA-registered formula only takes 30 minutes to dry, then your family and pets can return to your yard. Once it’s dry, it’s adhering to all the surfaces it was applied to, and for three weeks after initial distribution, any new mosquitoes or other biting insects that come into contact with it will also be eliminated by up to 90%. There’s no need to even worry about remembering to call us for reapplication of our barrier treatment, because we offer seasonal plans so you can enjoy summers in your yard while leaving the bugs up to us.

The most trusted name in Bloomington IL tick control and Normal IL tick control

When many people hear the word “tick,” they automatically think of Lyme disease, and with good reason — it’s the most well-known tick-borne illness. But ticks transmit more than just Lyme disease, that one’s just the “most famous.” Nobody wants to be the latest person in the Bloomington-Normal IL area with Lyme disease or any other tick-borne disease, and nobody wants to deal with ticks. Well, almost nobody. Consider Mosquito Squad your Bloomington-Normal tick control specialists.

We have a two step process for keeping you and your family safe from ticks in your yard.

Bloomington-Normal IL tick control — Step 1

The first thing Mosquito Squad does is follow the same barrier spray process that we do for mosquitoes, applying our specially-developed formula to all areas of your yard, but we give a lot more attention to the tall grassy areas of your property (if there are any), because that’s where ticks like to hang out and rest, breed, and wait for their dinner . . . it’s our job to make sure you’re not on the menu.

Since our formula is designed to be time released, your property will be protected for up to 21 days once the treatment is dispersed — just like for mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment has the added benefit of preventing the eggs of ticks from hatching and thus puts a stop to the next generation of these pests.

Bloomington-Normal IL tick control — Step 2

Obviously, not all ticks are carriers of scary pathogens, but it’s best to be on the safe side. Ticks become infected when they feed on small animals (usually mice) that are infected. By going straight to the source and implementing tick tubes, we’re able to eliminate ticks before they even come near people or pets.

What are tick tubes? They’re small biodegradable tubes that are stuffed with a permethrin-treated cotton that mice and other small animals love to bring back to their burrows. This chemical rubs off on the animals’ fur, and when ticks decide to take a bite, they’re eliminated shortly afterward. Mosquito Squad is very strategic on where we place tick tubes to ensure maximum mice-enticement and efficiency. By taking this extra, proactive step, Mosquito Squad is able to ensure a reduction in your yard’s tick population by up to 90%, before they’re able to multiply, and thus greatly reducing your risk for getting infected with Lyme disease in your Bloomington-Normal IL yard.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are extremely confident in our service and effectiveness of our product, but if you’re not happy for any reason at all, let us know. We’ll either re-treat your property or give you your money back — no questions asked.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois today to for the most effective Bloomington IL mosquito control, Normal IL mosquito control, Bloomington IL tick control, and Normal IL tick control. We’re serious about making sure nobody you love will be the latest person in Bloomington-Normal with Lyme disease, West Nile virus, or any other vector-borne illness. Give us a call at 217-919-9292 or drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you take back your yard and enjoy your summers worry-free!

Having a party? Keep your guests off the mosquito menu with our special events service

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, graduation party, or other special event, be sure that the only guests at your party are the invited ones. We also offer special event mosquito control. We want you and your guests to have happy memories from your event, not itchy memories filled with mosquito bites.

Our technicians will come out to the site 24-72 hours in advance and treat the entire area with our barrier treatment for your special occasion. Mosquito Squad’s micro encapsulated formula dries within 30 minutes, so it’s easy to schedule and work around caterers and other pre-event preparation.

Prefer an all-natural solution?

Not a problem. All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, but we know there are some people who won’t settle for anything less than 100% natural. Which is why we designed and developed an all-natural alternative based on natural oils.

Rather than eliminate bugs, it repels them with a botanical scent that is invisible to human noses but very repulsive to insects’. With this method, most customers notice a significant reduction of yard pests anywhere between 65-80%. Also a time-released solution, we recommend reapplication of our all-natural formula every two weeks.

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