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So how exactly do mosquito yard treatments work?

At Mosquito Squad, we highly tout our signature mosquito yard treatment (or “barrier treatment”). We were the first company to ever offer a service for homeowners that would guarantee nearly 90% elimination of mosquitoes on contact and for up to three weeks after application. We invented the service, but before that, we had to invent the actual product. It’s important to note that our barrier treatment doesn’t just work for mosquitoes — it is equally effective on other bugs, too. From ticks to gnats to Japanese beetles to even spiders, it’s a bona-fide bug beater.

Let’s talk about the service first, before we get into the science.

Our mosquito yard treatment process

First we treat any standing water and/or other potential mosquito-breeding sites in your yard with larvicide, which eliminates mosquitoes in their larval stage, the last stage of their life cycle before becoming adults. Then we follow the Ts of mosquito control (tip, toss, turn, remove tarps. . .), which we encourage everyone to do at home as well. This is key in stopping the life cycle of mosquitoes in your yard.

After that, we start the application process of our specially-developed formula. We wear backpacks and masks, and yes, we know we kind of look like Ghostbusters. Go ahead and laugh at us, but our technicians are all fully-licensed and we treat safety as a priority. (You can point and make jokes while you’re inside your house watching us, and we’ll never even know.) We start at the perimeter of you yard and work our way inward, spraying everything we can while avoiding the bee-pollinated things like flowers. This includes bushes, trees, foliage (even the undersides of leaves), wood chips, on and under decks, etc.

While we’re distributing the treatment, any adult mosquitoes in that come into contact with it are immediately knocked down. In about 30 minutes, our EPA-registered formula is dry. It’s odorless and colorless, but it leaves a residual, invisible “barrier” or “fence” against bugs. While technically it’s adhering or “sticking” to everything it was applied to, it’s not actually “sticky” — you can’t even tell it’s there. But for the next three weeks, any new mosquitoes (or other biting bugs) that come into contact with it will be eliminated.

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve got our mosquito yard treatment, but your next door neighbor doesn’t. Mosquitoes have no concept of property lines, so at times they’ll fly over from your neighbor’s yard and visit yours. When a mosquito lands on a leaf, your deck, a tree stump, or anything else with the barrier treatment, it is exposed to the insecticide in our formula and is then eliminated. (Yes, there will be a few times that a wayward mosquito flies from your neighbor’s yard and lands on a human directly — we can’t really control that, which is why we say “nearly 90% elimination.” Still. . . a +/-10% margin of error is pretty good!)

Now here comes the science

We developed our formula to be time-released through micro encapsulation. Micro encapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to create small “capsules,” which have many useful properties. There are many different ways to do this which we won’t get into, but basically, our micro encapsulation is the same as what allows many prescriptions to be “extended release.” Our process controls the pace that the chemicals we use are released from their capsules, which makes it more effective. Compare this with a typical adulticide that a municipal mosquito control program would use, which knocks down a mosquito that comes into contact with it and that’s it. Ours hangs around for a while (three weeks, in fact) and keeps on working.

Mosquito Squad can’t give away the secret recipe to our formula, but know that all of our products are registered with the EPA, and the active ingredient common to all of our barrier sprays is a synthetic version of the chrysanthemum flower. This same ingredient is found in many household products, including products used to treat scabies and lice. Of course, nothing lasts forever and while our formula is incredibly resilient, weather conditions do slowly break it down naturally. That is why we recommend re-application of our barrier protection mosquito yard treatment after three weeks, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We acknowledge that there are other outdoor pest control companies out there who also claim to have micro encapsulated, time-released formulas. But Mosquito Squad invented the industry, and invented the first formula to do this in 2005, and we continue to develop and refine ours to make it even more effective. The other guys can’t say that. Our specially developed formula is guaranteed to eliminate nearly 90% of all mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs in your yard for up to three straight weeks.

So choose the originators of the service and inventors of the science and industry of mosquito yard treatments and call Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois today for the longest-lasting, most effective barrier protection on the market. Call 217-919-9292 for a free consultation and/or to sign up. Or, if it’s easier, fill out the contact form on our home page and we’ll reach out to you. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you take back your yard!

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