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Yup, you bet Mosquito Squad controls Japanese beetles!

It’s that time of year when Japanese beetles are out in full force, destroying the vegetation in your yard one tiny bite at a time. If your garden, leaves, flower petals . . . you name it are showing tiny holes and a lace-like quality, you’ve likely got Japanese beetles. Even worse, if you’ve got patches of brown in your lawn . . . their grubs are underground feeding off your grass roots.

Mosquito Squad definitely takes care of Japanese beetles! Because of their destructive nature and ever-feeding lifecycle (both above ground and below), our advanced treatment is needed, which may include more frequent treatments, and/or additional products in the treatment protocol. Every situation is different, depending on the severity.

Please call us at 217-919-9292 to discuss your situation and one of our customer service staff will be able to help assess your issue and determine the best treatment.

Take your yard back from mosquitoes, ticks, and destructive Japanese beetles with the most trusted name in outdoor pest control — Mosquito Squad.

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