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Why not use Terminix or Orkin to treat mosquitoes?

Many people wonder why they’d need to call Mosquito Squad for their mosquito or tick problem, when there are other pest control companies like Terminix and Orkin. Shouldn’t they be able to handle mosquitoes and ticks, too?

In theory, sure. But in reality . . . not really. See, before 2005, there was no such thing as private outdoor mosquito control for one’s home. Mosquito Squad created the barrier treatment formula and thus, created the industry. Many copycat mosquito control companies followed, but we remain the leaders and the specialists in home mosquito control.

Realizing how successful the private mosquito and tick control business was, Terminix and Orkin decided to get in on the game and add those services to their gamut as well. But the problem is, their programs are not designed to control mosquitoes and ticks consistently through the season without reduction in effectiveness. One of them claims that they’d “choose one of two methods” to control mosquitoes on your property — either a larvicide or adulticide, and they’ll check back in a month to see if you’re satisfied.

At Mosquito Squad, we ask, “Why choose an either/or approach?” We use both, and our formula is guaranteed to be nearly 90% effective for for three weeks. After that, we recommend another treatment. There is no way that their either/or mosquito treatment can be effective for an entire month, period. Their guarantee actually says, “If we can’t solve your mosquito problem, we’ll refund a portion of your service charge as long as you’re a customer.”

A portion.

Know that with Mosquito Squad, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our products and services, we’ll either re-treat your yard or offer a 100% refund.

As far Terminix and Orkin’s tick control goes, once again, it’s an add-on service to their wide range of pest control services. Neither of them are actually specific on how they treat for ticks on your property, though. One of them claims many of their services, including tick control, are “based on science,” yet they don’t give any specifics. They only give general, generic language. Nowhere do they talk about actual methods of treatment, effectiveness, or get into details about the “science."

Hey, we don’t want to knock the “big” home pest control companies. They’re great at what they do — the indoor stuff. If you’ve got a problem with cockroaches, ants, earwigs, or even mice in your home, give the Orkin Man a call. He’s great at those. But if you want a specialist in mosquito and tick control, call the pros at Mosquito Squad.

Think of it this way — if you’ve got a specific medical problem that requires a specialist, for example, say you need brain surgery . . . you’re not going to go to your family doctor, a generalist, to do the job. No, you’re going to go to a brain surgeon, because that’s what they specialize in.

So if you need help with mosquito and tick control on your property, you’ve got to call the pros at Mosquito Squad. We guarantee nearly 90% reduction of the mosquito and tick population on your property for three weeks straight, or we offer 100% of your money back. Not a portion of it. We’re the specialists, we’re the inventors of the home mosquito control industry, and we’re the leaders. Call Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois today at 217-919-9292 for the most effective mosquito and tick control you can find. It’s not brain surgery!

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