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Mosquito Barrier Treatment | Central Illinois

The most popular control service at Mosquito Squad is our traditional barrier treatment proven to decrease the mosquito population in your yard by 85-90% and then keep a residual barrier protecting your yard for 21 days! Our barrier treatment includes not only a spray, but also standing water removal or treatment.

The traditional barrier spray treatment is applied by our licensed technicians. They will focus on key areas of your yard and outdoor living space, eliminating adult mosquitoes during application and leaving behind a residual barrier providing for continuous protection guaranteed for up to 21 days.

Along with protecting your yard from mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad’s Barrier Spray also controls adult ticks effectively and kills them on contact.

For a more advanced tick control, Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois offers Tick Tubes to better protect your yard from ticks.

We offer two Barrier Spray options:

Mosquito Squad’s Traditional Barrier Spray

With our Traditional Barrier Spray, Illinois certified technicians treat your outdoor living space every 21 days throughout the season for the most continuous and consistent mosquito control.

Our Platinum Barrier Spray

All yards are different and we at Mosquito Squad recognize that. Perhaps your yard has a larger mosquito population that is more difficult to control than most yards? Not a problem with Mosquito Squad of Central Illinois Platinum barrier Spray. With the Platinum Barrier Spray, our trained technicians will treat your yard ever 14 days for the highest level of mosquito control and yard protection.

How the Barrier Spray Program works

The areas mosquitoes and ticks breed, feed, and rest such as foliage, decks and patios, fences, and lower hanging vegetation and grass are treated by our trained technicians. During this treatment, mosquitoes and ticks are eliminated on contact, and a residual barrier is left behind for when mosquitoes attempt to feed or rest on the residual treated surfaces, the mosquitoes are eliminated.

Now, it is possible for a mosquito to wander into your outdoor living space before resting or feeding on one of the treated surfaces, but you will find the presence of mosquitoes are greatly reduced and we back our treatment by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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